Nicole Reavy

Healing Artist

I have been passionate and curious about the healing arts since I was a young child. I started exploring healing when I was twelve. I had my first vision of a healing center when I was sixteen. Now more than three decades later I am serving others in a way that feels aligned. I am able to offer a variety of healing services to the community.

I have studied with many teachers and healers over the years. Through the winding journey of my life, I have discovered that listening and honoring my own heart is vital to my basic aliveness. The more that I can align to my own rhythms and truth, the more connected I feel. I can do this through connecting with my sensation, emotions, and wants. This practice cultivates choice, freedom, connection, and empowerment.

The services I bring to my clients are;

Body-Centered,Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Maitri Astrology, SoulCollage® Facilitation,and Mindfulness Heart Walk. I also offer Embodiment/Sexuality groups, Dream groups, Empath groups, and Astrology groups.


My intention is to support your journey toward a deeper sense of connection to your own heart, and greater self-acceptance.  Your heart holds your dreams, visions, and gifts. As you bring your gifts into the world, you heal your heart, and the heart of the earth. I look forward to meeting with you and being of service to your unique unfolding.

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