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ongoing online embodiment group

embodiment/Sexuality Group

Alongside the Moon Astrology Group

Empath Group

Dream Group

Soulcollage® Animal Companion Chakra Series

o n g o i n g   o n l i n e   e m b o d i m e n t   g r o u p 

This is an ongoing group that meets every other Wednesday Beginning February 3rd, 2021. We support one another in Deepening the practices of Embodiment that were cultivated in the foundational Embodiment/Sexuality Group.

e m b o d i m e n t   s e x u a l i t y   g r o u p   f o r  w o m e n

This Group is 15 weeks. We explore our experience of being in our bodies. We begin to cultivate a friendship with our own skin. This is practiced through the lens of the Chakra System, meditation, movement, art, and being witnessed and supported through compassionate community. This group provides the foundation for the ongoing Embodiment group that meets twice a month.

Alongside the Moon beginners online astrology group

This group will teach you…

How to read the zodiac calendar through the lens of the moon

The meaning of the signs as the moon moves through them

To understand the rhythms of the moon and its connection to your embodiment

How the moon is influencing your individual chart

Online Empath Group

This group will support you with refining your gifts as an empath. We will explore tools that will cultivate awareness to live more consciously. You will learn to be able to stay connected with yourself in the presence of others. This group will support you with having clear boundaries and knowing what is yours and what is not yours. You will be able to listen and honor your sensitivities in the circle of others that understand. You will become more comfortable and accepting of who you truly are.

Dream Group

We will be exploring our dreams through creative expression, Gestalt, and active imagination. This group will be supportive of the mysterious uncovering of our unconscious and how to integrate this into your daily life.


Animal Chakra Series

This series is deep exploration of connecting with the wisdom of your body and chakras, animal companions, and intuition through the art of SoulCollage®. You will become more aware of your subtle body and how to listen to the messages your body is speaking, connect on a deeper level to your body and intuition, and create cards with magazine images in community.