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Mindfulness Based
Transpersonal Psychotherapy

This form of psychotherapy supports the uncovering of what is true within the body. It supports clients with reconnecting to their sensations, emotions, and wants. It allows for the possibility of a deeper connection to oneself and others.

rust and empowerment is cultivated through this process. This creates a greater understanding and acceptance for what is alive moment-to- moment. Therapy is not about changing you, it is about accepting all your parts with compassion and curiosity. Through increased consciousness, there is more choice, and a deeper connection to what is true. A sense of alignment to one's presence and purpose is unveiled through this healing process.

Please contact me to set up a free initial consultation or if you have questions. You can reach me at 206-430-9407 or
I look forward to connecting with you.


Individual and group sessions are available in-person and online


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is a powerful way of
healing old traumas held in the nervous system. If you think of the nervous system

similar to our digestive system, it supports the digestion of old traumas, so that we
can experience our lives in the moment instead through the lens of past events.
Trauma causes a disruption of normal adaptive processing, which results in
unprocessed information being dysfunctionally-held in memory networks. Trauma
can be events and/or experience of neglect or abuse that undermines
an individual's sense of self-worth, safety, ability to assume appropriate
responsibility for self or others, or limits one's sense of control or choice.  

Maitri is pronounced (My-tree) It is a Sanskrit term that is described by one of my favorite teachers, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, as unconditional friendliness toward oneself. 
How can I practice unconditional friendliness  toward myself in this moment? What is the most compassionate thought, or action I can give to myself right now, regardless of what is happening?

We can start where we are in the present moment. Through the practice of compassionate exploration, we develop a deeper connection to our own heart. When we are connected to this place inside, we respond to life with freshness, and an open curious quality. I look forward to growing in our practice of Maitri together.




 Embodiment Group

True connection is cultivated through self-companionship rather than self abandonment. Heal your self-esteem and
self-confidence through learning how to confide in yourself. Cultivate the seeds of self trust and self love.


"Mindful Relating"
A State of Mind Podcast with
Nicole Reavy, MA, LPC


Take beautiful care of yourself, 

In Maitri,

Nicole Reavy, MA, LPC

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