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"True  connection  is  cultivated  through  self --companionship  rather  than  self abandonment"  ~ Nicole  Reavy    



I invite you to embark on a compassionate exploration of your body

and how it connects you to your moment-to-moment direct experience.

Here is a glimpse into the journey we will embark on together…


      Muladhara “root”; know your boundaries and allow them to inform your true yes and no. Svadhisthana “sweetness”; explore your creativity, sensuality, and emotions. Manipura “lustrous gem”; own your personal power and be aware of what you want. Anahata “unstruck”; re-connect to your inner child through self-companionship. Vissudha “purification”; speak what is true, be heard, and discover your voice. Ajna “to perceive and command”; see with clarity and intuition. Sahasrara “thousandfold”; deepen your spiritual awakening through embodiment.


      Through this sacred process you will begin to understand how to bring balance where you have excess and deficiency. You will be supported in the journey of becoming friends with your body by exploring the transformative effect of living your embodied life. You will explore what it is to be a sensual being and how to create a deeper connection and expression of this in your life. You will become more connected to yourself and able to access what is true beyond your story of your body and sexuality.  Through this practice of embodiment, you will learn how to self-companion instead of self-abandon.

As you move forward in life, embodiment practices support increased awareness of your direct connection to an ongoing relationship with your home; your body. 


      This group meets online every Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm mst. It begins August 27th and ends on December 3rd, 2024. The total cost for the group is 1500 if paid in three installments of 500. A 10% discount is available if you pay in full by August 1st. Contact Nicole at to set up an interview.

I   look   forward   to   supporting   your   healing   journey

  take   beautiful   care   of   yourself.

        in   Maitri,

         Nicole   MA,   LPC 

embodiment group sessions 2024


August 27th

September 3rd, 10th. 17th. 24th 

October 1st. 8th. 15th. 22nd. 29th

November 5th. 12th. 19th. 26th

December 3rd

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