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e m B o d i m e n t



"The body is always present"

"True connection is cultivated through self-companionship rather than self-abandonment"
-Nicole Reavy

 Embodiment Group for Women

As a small group of women (6-8) we embark on a compassionate exploration of our bodies and how it connects us to our moment-to-moment direct experience. We begin our journey with..

Muladhara (Root)-Boundaries and how embodiment informs our true yes and our true no.

Svadhisthana  (sweetness)-Connection with our creativity and sensuality through movement and emotions.

Manipura (lustrous gem)-Our personal power and awareness of what we want.

Anahata (Unstruck)-Connection to our inner child, cultivation of self-love and how self-companionship informs your connection with others.

Vissudha(purification)-Speaking what is true, being heard, and creative expression.

Ajna (to perceive and command)-Seeing with clarity and intuition

Sahasrara (thousandfold)-Connection to your body as an ongoing relationship

Through this sacred process we will begin to understand how to bring balance where we have excess and deficiency. We will support one another in the journey of becoming friends with our bodies and exploring the transformation of living an embodied life. We will explore what it is to be a sensual being and how to create a deeper connection and expression of this in our lives. We will become more connected to ourselves and able to access what is true beyond our stories of our bodies and sexuality. Through this practice of embodiment we will learn how to self-companion instead of self-abandon. As we move forward in life, we cultivate increased awareness of our direct connection to an ongoing friendship with our homes; our bodies.

This group meets online every Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm mst for 15 weeks beginning 

January 30th through May 7th, 2024. Once you have completed this foundational group, you can join the ongoing group that meets online the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:30 pm mst.

Contact Nicole at 206-430-9407 or to set up an interview.

Reserve your spot by January 20th, 2024 with a non-refundable deposit of $500. The group is $1350 for 15 weeks. Payment plans are available

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your journey of living an embodied life.


Take beautiful care of yourself. 

In Maitri, Nicole Reavy MA, LPC


"I came to Nicole's group feeling disconnected from my body, sexuality, and power. Through Nicole's presence, her teachings, and the support of the group, I literally felt the energy of fragmentation begin to move back into some kind of cohesive-ness that is me. Nicole is an embodied soul and her way of being, facilitating, and allowing the group to work its magic supported me in finding my way back to myself." -KD

"Joining Nicole's embodiment and sexuality group was profoundly transformational. My personal healing work and growth went to the next level as I developed a new connection to my body and energetic system. I felt so supported and cared for by the lovely women in the group. Weeks later, I am still bringing the teachings and awareness from this group into my daily life and healing practices. Nicole held the group so sweetly and I am so glad I decided to join this powerful experience." ~JR


"I have taken both a Soul Collage class and an Embodiment workshop from Nicole. Her way of working with groups is informative and fun. She is a well of knowledge and often ties several modalities together to help her students learn more fully. Her approach to learning is fun and creative, yet deep. I am so glad that I have had the ability to explore with these groups and I look forward to doing so again."  ~TP

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