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 E M D R

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is a powerful way of healing old traumas held in the nervous system. If you think of the nervous system similar to our digestive system, it supports the digestion of old traumas, so that we can experience our lives in the moment  instead through the lens of past events. Trauma causes a disruption of normal adaptive processing, which results in unprocessed information being dysfunctionally-held in memory networks. Trauma can be events and/or experience of neglect or abuse that undermines an individual's sense of self-worth, safety, ability to assume appropriate responsibility for self or others, or limits one's sense of control or choice.  

EMDR supports freedom of choice, being at home in your skin, and living in an increased regulated state. This alchemical process takes our darkest wounds and transmutes them into gold.

EMDR is experienced through bi-lateral stimulation. This is done primarily through eye movements. 


EMDR requires a commitment to yourself and trusting the intelligence of your nervous system. You are worth the investment. 

Contact Nicole to set up an appointment at 206.430.9407 or

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