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Maitri Healing Arts

1637 28th Street Boulder, CO 80301

Telephone: 206-430-9407

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Evolutionary Power Coaching

Body-Centered Transformation

Evolutionary power coaching supports being alive, aligned, and present. We explore what is happening through the intelligence of the body. The body is always present and has no choice but to be where it is. The body has a direct link to sensations, emotions, and truth. We can access what we want through this embodied connection.

This is a practice of living an empowered life by cultivating conscious choices. Instead of living in the world of past and Future. We can connect to a place of power, the present moment. Through presence we have choice. We are no longer playing out the same old stories and ways of being in the world. In this place of aliveness we begin to accept ourselves and live a more connected life.

When we are embodied we are more present. In this place we are more connected to ourselves and this creates the possibilities of connection with others. There is no true connection with others until we are connected to ourselves.   

Evolutionary Power Coaching is avalible anywhere via skype or Facetime. To book a session click