Healing Arts offered by Maitri


 Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychotherapy

I offer a body-centered, mindfulness-based, transpersonal approach to my work with individuals, couples, and groups. My focus areas are embodiment/sexuality, accessing truth through living a more present life, communication, self-compassion  and various life challenges and transitions. 

E m b o d i m e n t   s e x u a l i t y   g r o u p   f o r  w o m e n

This Group is 15 weeks. We explore our experience of being in our bodies. We begin to cultivate a friendship with our own skin. This is practiced through the lens of the Chakra System, meditation, movement, art, and being witnessed and supported through compassionate community. This group provides the foundation for the ongoing group that meets twice a month.

O n g o i n g   o n l i n e   e m b o d i m e n t   g r o u p 

This is an ongoing group that meets every other Wednesday Beginning February 3rd, 2021. We support one another in Deepening the practices of Embodiment that were cultivated in the foundational Embodiment/Sexuality Group.

Evolutionary Power Coaching

Evolutionary power coaching supports being alive, aligned, and present. We explore what is happening through the intelligence of the body. The body is always present and has no choice but to be where it is. The body has a direct link to sensations, emotions, and truth. We can access what we want through this embodied connection.

Maitri Astrology

Maitri Astrology is a synthesis of revolutionary astrology, Egyptian oracles, and numerology. Astrology is the oldest form of psychotherapy utilizing archetypes. In Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious. Astrology speaks from Archetypes and symbols within the human psyche. Through this direct, experiential language of Archetypes and symbols, astrology provides the potential to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, compassion, and understanding.

Mindfulness Heart Walk

This Sacred Practice supports your connection to your dreams and gifts that you were born with. It is like being reminded of what you already know to be true inside. Some have described it as truly being seen and heard with full presence and compassion.


This is a mysterious process that supports a deeper connection to your internal wisdom. It is primarily practiced within community. We create, share, and listen from the perspective of our cards. Through  community support we gain a deeper understanding of Ourselves and others through shared readings. We Give oxygen to our inner voices, and and become more aware. There is no art experience necessary and all art supplies are provided. This practice is integrated within the groups that are offered as well.