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    "I came to Nicole's group feeling disconnected from my body, sexuality, and power. Through Nicole's presence, her teachings, and the support of the group, I literally felt the energy of fragmentation begin to move back into some kind of cohesive-ness that is me. Nicole is an embodied soul and her way of being, facilitating, and allowing the group to work its magic supported me in finding my way back to myself." ~KS

            "I have taken both a Soul Collage class and an Embodiment workshop from Nicole. Her way of working with groups is informative and fun. She is a well of knowledge and often ties several modalities together to help her students learn more fully. Her approach to learning is fun and creative, yet deep. I am so glad that I have had the ability to explore with these groups and I look forward to doing so again." ~TP

  "Joining Nicole's embodiment and sexuality group was profoundly transformational. My personal healing work and growth went to the next level as I developed a new connection to my body and energetic system. I felt so supported and cared for by the lovely women in the group. Weeks later, I am still bringing the teachings and awareness from this group into my daily life and healing practices. Nicole held the group so sweetly and I am so glad I decided to join this powerful experience." ~JR


      “We were referred to Nicole by a friend soon after becoming new parents. At the time, we were experiencing a lot of stress in our circumstances and it fed into our relationship. Nicole encouraged us to slow down and approach the challenging circumstances with gentleness. She is a shining example of compassion, offering a very safe space to confront our difficult emotions. The result of our sessions together was a more honest communication and balancing out of the extreme highs and lows. We would recommend her for couples coaching.”  ~M&K


      " I knew Nicole before she went back to school to get her MA and always felt she is such an inspired natural at this kind of work. When I decided I needed support to work through my 'stuff', she came like a flash in my mind. I am working through some hard stuff. Nicole stays with me and guides me through it with openness, heart, intelligence, skill, insight and gentleness. She challenges me. She always asks me if I am ready and willing to go deeper so I always feel I ultimately have the power to say 'yes' or 'no'....sometimes I don't know but I know Nicole will be there for me and with me through it. She reminds me that I am human..."welcome to being human" and that I am bigger than any of my 'stuff'. I am 58 and want to get rid of the blocks holding me back from finally living a fully expressed life. Thank you Nicole." ~CL

Nicole's embodiment group deeply and positively affected my life; I flowered with courage, nurtured joy and creativity, and let go of harmful expectations about myself. I discovered my powerful inner child. Nicole's program helped me transform from the inside out as we moved through the sacred process of compassionate exploration of balancing body and spirit. One of the most beautiful aspects of my experience in the group was the sense of community and support that emerged among the women. We shared our vulnerabilities, celebrated each other's breakthroughs, and held space for one another with compassion and empathy. In this nurturing environment, I felt safe to explore and express myself authentically, free from judgment." ~V

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