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Self-Love Invitation

It is more important than ever to tune into the rhythms of your body and to cultivate ways to regulate your nervous system. Here are some ways that can be supportive to enhanced well-being...


~Daily meditation

~Connect to nature





~Take 3 deep breaths right now (Inhale through your nose and exhale what you want to let go of through your mouth)


~Spontaneously dance in your home to your favorite songs


~Be creative (maybe there is something that you have been wanting to do creatively) Give yourself permission to explore...


-Draw your favorite tree, plant, animal or flower (if you can write you can drawJ)


-Make a dream board of your favorite places on earth and hang it somewhere you can see it!


 I am wishing you all health and well-being through this transformative time.


Take beautiful care of yourselves.

In Maitri,

Nicole Reavy, MA LPC


Self-love Invitation

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