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Alongside the Moon

Online Beginners Astrology Group

This group has not been scheduled for 2021.


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This group will teach you…


How to read the zodiac calendar through the lens of the moon

The meaning of the signs as the moon moves through them

To understand the rhythms of the moon and its connection to your embodiment

How the moon is influencing your individual chart

This Group meets for 12 weeks. The cost is $1,000.

Contact Nicole for more information or to register at 206.430.9407 or at       



"I had the beautiful opportunity to be a part of the first "alongside the moon" astrology group. It was a fantastic experience for me. I loved following the rhythms of the moon and connecting it with my experiences and emotions. Now I have the habit of checking the moons astrological location like one might check the weather, and i love it! It brings so much awareness and context to my daily life."


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