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Astrology is the oldest form of psychotherapy utilizing archetypes. In Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious.


Astrology speaks from archetypes and symbols within the human psyche.

Through this direct, experiential language of 

archetypes and symbols, astrology provides the potential to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, compassion, and understanding towards oneself and others.


Maitri Astrology is honoring the evolution of the human being. Some of the language has been changed within this kind of astrology.


For example, in the past astrology referred to certain placements within a chart as detriment, and there was nothing one could do about it. This is not the case with this approach to astrology.


Challenges are viewed through the term, ‘mastery’, and with the intention that with awareness, one always has a choice.



Embrace your

whole self through the lens of the cosmos





What does a reading look like with Nicole?

I read charts through a holistic lens.

Numerology, chakras, Archangels, and an Egyptian system is synthesized in your session. Insight into how you can integrate, heal, and reconnect with the rhythms of your own life is discussed within your reading.

Natal chart readings are 90-120 minutes. Three month forecasts are 60-90 minutes. Synastry charts are 90-120 minutes. The variance with time is based on how many questions the client has. There is a minimum of 45 minutes of preparation time prior to the reading. This is included within the hourly rate. Face time and Skype sessions are also available. They can be purchased on paypal or venmo.

Contact Nicole to schedule a reading at 206-430-9407 or




What are some of the benefits of getting an Astrology reading?

astrology is your map to understand your landscape

What would the purpose be to have my chart read?

Astrology increases awareness, informs us of our potential gifts, challenges, life cycles, and how to cultivate consciousness. It provides a sense of direction and a larger more connected perspective of life.


Birth charts are maps of our inner psyche. They cultivate deep insights into living a more integrated life.


Would you consider going over a new landscape without first looking at a map? Astrology is a map to understanding ourselves with compassion and a sense of clarity.





Why Astrology?

 Astrology is an ancient way to understand ourselves deeply, and our connection to the earth and the heavens.We all are evolving. Our charts are influenced through transits. The contact the planets make with our charts and our choice to respond effects that evolution. Being aware of different transits that we all go through helps to navigate the shifting currents of our lives.


Astrology reminds us that we all have gifts, challenges, and opportunities. It provides the lantern to assist us in moving forward, especially, when it feels like someone turned the lights out on us. We are reminded there is something much larger going on, and we are part of the whole fabric that is interweaving the mysterious tapestry.


We learn that all of the archetypes of Astrology are a part of us. Even though this is the case, every chart is individual to you. Through this awareness we can learn to have more compassion for ourselves and others.



Astrology inspires us to live with a deeper sense of 

purpose and awareness. Astrology supports the ongoing 

navigation processes of our lives by, providing us with more resources and choices. We can learn to be awake to the rhythms of our lives, and see ourselves with clarity.


An example might be that, maybe you have resisted your gifts of intuition, and empathy. Having your 

chart read can validate what you know deep down that you have been denying in regards to your intuition. This piece of information can provide a deeper awareness, and connection to yourself. This could transform your life to a stronger sense of purpose. Astrology can also inform you of the best time to move forward with a situation in your life. It brings to light the challenges and grace aspects within the chart.


It is a resource for understanding others as well as yourself. This can go a long way with significant relationships in our lives, such as our children and partners.Astrology has nourished my life with profound tools of awareness, compassion, and connection. I look forward to sharing it with you!





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