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Maitri Healing Arts

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It is a contemplative practice of finding images that speak to you, and creating cards that you express through your imagination and intuition. SoulCollage® is a gentle and supportive practice of uncovering your innate wisdom.



How are the SoulCollage® cards made?

 It is an imaginative and intuitive process of creating your own cards through magazine images, personal photographs, or calendars. there is no art experience necessary.  



What do I bring to a SoulCollage® workshop?

Please bring a journal and pen.  All art supplies will be provided.


 I look forward to our time of compassionate exploration together. For more information please go to...



How is community created through this process?

SoulCollage® community is nourished through doing personal one-on-one readings, and small group readings with SoulCollage® cards.


Community is also cultivated through witnessing each individual's SoulCollage® cards, and listening with presence.

Discover insight and wisdom into any question or situation that is 

up for you at this time.


It is 

done in a compassionate environment.



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